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Innovation + Creativity

When you apply creativity and innovation to every aspect of your business, you are able to stay ahead of a changing marketplace and the competition. When you partner with a Piston Group company, you gain more than just fresh ideas and perspectives, you gain competitive advantage.

Electrical + Battery

HV Battery Future Capacity
HV Battery Packs / Year
Charging Forward

The rapid transformation to vehicle electrification is redefining the powertrain and manufacturing landscape. Piston Group companies have extensive production experience to support next generation battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Our proven solutions ensure reliability from precision assembly through pack functional and leak testing.

We are proud to participate in technologies that reduce climate change and smog, improving public health and reducing ecological harm. When it comes to vehicle electrification, the Piston Group team is miles ahead.

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Powertrain + Cooling

Injection Mold Capacity
0 Million
Cycles / Year
The Perfect Mix

In the cabin and under the hood, climate control and powertrain cooling systems maintain the ideal temperature for occupants and vehicle powertrains. The perfect mix of product technology and manufacturing intelligence, each system is built to deliver optimized performance.

Piston Group companies develop and manufacture high quality HVAC climate control, powertrain cooling systems and components, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and exceptionally high manufacturing standards.

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Interior Modules
Modules / Year

Daily Cut + Sew
Craftsmanship Inside

The craftsmanship and appeal of a vehicle interior is the second top influencer of purchase decision for consumers. With a heritage in automobiles that began in 1922, Piston Group companies have built a lasting reputation for crafting signature interior trim systems.

From exquisitely stitched seat covers to functional visors and consoles, every detail is finely tailored to provide the perfect fit, touch and interior harmony. Piston Group companies deliver memorable driver experiences from concept to manufacturing marvel.

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0 Million
Modular Volume
Style & Expertise

Vehicle exterior systems continuously evolve, adapting to new styling trends and increased safety and CAFÉ standards. Advanced systems integrate intelligent sensors, dynamic front grills, and adaptive energy absorption technologies.

Piston Group companies manufacture a complete portfolio of exterior modules and grill assemblies. Our award-winning processes deliver superior performance and craftsmanship for leading nameplates.

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0.2 Million
Modular Volume
Responsive Control

Perfectly tuned chassis systems deliver premium drivability, responsiveness and ride comfort. Each system is engineered to suppress body roll and deliver responsive cornering control and braking. Advancements in vehicle lightweighting, ADAS, and active suspensions technologies make chassis systems one of the most dynamic vehicle segments.

From lightweight frame assemblies to axles and brake corners, Piston Group companies manufacture best-in-class chassis modules and assemblies to ensure responsive control of cars, crossovers, trucks and SUV’s.

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Pieces / Week
Experience Quality

A. Lava is the largest “Made in USA” cover producer in the bedding industry. The In-House design team and new product development team create high-quality zippered covers, quilted components, and apparel. As a leading U.S.-based cut and sew manufacturer we have state-of-the-art cutting and sewing equipment and specialized machinery including embroidery, heat transfer, multi-needle quilting, and scroll quilting.

With over 100 years of experience, our expertise has been utilized throughout the industry in contract manufacturing including, product assembly, roll packing, and DTC Fulfillment.

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