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Irvin + DTS

Joe Finn

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Irvin Products and DTS, Joseph (Joe) Finn is responsible for leading all facets of the global enterprise. Joe has a proven executive management track record with over 30 years’ experience driving value creation and revenue growth.

In 2016 Joe led Irvin Products through their strategic separation from Takata Holdings and subsequent acquisition by the Piston Group.

Under Joe’s leadership, Irvin is focused on enhancing the vehicle experience by delivering finely tailored products with the craftsmanship and harmony that end users feel, starting in the showroom and ultimately throughout their daily journey.

Joe started his career at Irvin Products in 1985 as a co-op student in the mechanical engineering department.

Throughout his tenure, he has served in leadership roles in Operations, Product Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Purchasing and Quality. Joe has been instrumental in the successful execution of critical launches and has personally developed many members of his senior leadership team. He is highly regarded as an effective and respected leader within the company and the industry.

Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from GMI Engineering & Management Institute (Kettering University) and an MBA from Oakland University.

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