Hughey Newsome

As Chief Financial Officer, Hughey is responsible for financial oversight and reporting, information technology, strategy, and support for government relations for the Piston Group family of companies.

As a new member of the Piston Group team, Hughey was excited to join the organization when he did and believes strongly that Piston Group is well positioned for the future.

Hughey has previously served in the municipal sector, holding roles as the Chief Financial Officer for Wayne County, Michigan, Chief Financial Officer for the City of Flint, Michigan, and an interim position as Finance Director in Pontiac, Michigan.

During his time working for Wayne County, Hughey worked to address two main challenges. One was guiding Wayne County, one of the hardest hit counties from the pandemic, through the impending financial crisis. The other was to modernize the county’s archaic financial and accounting systems to allow for staffing and financial flexibility, along with improved transparency into the county’s financial position. While in Flint, Hughey helped to establish the recovery framework during the City’s lead contamination water crisis. He also focused on ensuring the funds provided to the city were accounted for and managed properly. Additionally, he was responsible for developing the project plan submission to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), necessary to finalize the award of $100 million in emergency funding. Prior to his government service, Hughey spent more than 13 years working in financial and performance improvement consulting, specifically in automotive and other manufacturing. He served as a senior manager at MorganFranklin Consulting, where he worked with a variety of finance units to establish financial systems to improve cash management, increase functionality, and develop processes to achieve time and cost savings. Hughey has advised Fortune 500 clients on risk and controls, procurement strategy, process improvement, and enhanced reporting. He also worked as a financial analyst, supporting cash management, debt compliance and accounting activities at Chrysler Financial Services. Additionally, Hughey has assisted with several debt issuances, both in the municipal sector and in the private sector. Hughey has been published in several publications, including recent pieces for Route Fifty entitled, “Carefully Targeted Cuts Can Help With Managing Covid-19’s Hit to Budgets” and “The Next Frontier in Budgeting: It’s All About the Data.”

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