Facility Locations

Piston Group has grown to include five world-class, full-service manufacturing and assembly facilities throughout the United States. At present, Piston Group has over 500 employees in five facilities serving major manufacturing centers throughout the Midwest. The company is headquartered in Redford, Michigan, in close proximity to one of North America’s highest volume assembly centers.

Piston Group manufacturing facilities are located in Detroit, Redford, Toledo, Louisville, and North Kansas City. All are positioned in close proximity to major hubs for air, rail, and truck transportation. Products assembled in Redford and Detroit are shipped to customer plants across the United States and Canada. Our Redford facility also supplies products that are exported to customers in Europe and South America.

Our growth has been robust. Our evolution has been constant. And we’re not stopping here. Piston Group is continually expanding to meet increasing customer demand, working to rapidly launch new facilities precisely where they’re needed—often in as few as 24 weeks from initiation to deployment.

Redford, MI
Detroit, Michigan
Redford, Michigan
Toledo, Ohio
Louisville, Kentucky
North Kansas City, Missouri